Podcast Team

Amelie Andreas ’24 | Producer, Host

Amelie studies Biology at Reed College, but her interests reach beyond STEM from embroidery to rock climbing. She became interested in podcasts when a former teacher invited her to work at World Teacher Podcast, where she does logistics, graphic design, and web design. Amelie is the second student producer for Burn Your Draft, and interviews Reed seniors and alumni, edits episodes, and helps out with all kinds of behind-the-scenes podcast magic.

Seth Paskin ’90 | Executive Producer, Co-host, Co-founder

Seth is the executive producer/advisor/co-host/co-founder of Burn Your Draft. He received a B.A. in philosophy from Reed College, and an M.A. in philosophy from the University of Texas at Austin. He currently lives in Austin, Texas, where, when he isn’t working in the tech industry, he’s a newly busy father and long-time podcaster. The podcast, The Partially Examined Life, explores philosophical theories and concepts and discusses philosophical texts. Burn Your Draft was made possible by a generous contribution from Seth.

Nate Martin ’16 | Project Manager, Producer, Co-founder

Nate graduated from Reed with a B.A. in English, and works as the Operations Coordinator for the Center for Life Beyond Reed. He is project manager/producer/co-founder for Burn Your Draft. He was born in California, adolesced in Utah, and has been in Portland for what feels like a long time now. Nate lives near Reed with his partner and two cats.

Joe Janiga | Technical Adviser

Joe is an Instructional Technologist and the technical adviser for the podcast. He explores new and different technologies that could potentially help with the instruction of music, art, and dance within the Reed community. Joe has played a crucial role in audio engineer training and podcast editing for Burn Your Draft. He also designed the recording studio in the Performing Arts Resource Center in the Performing Arts Building, where some of this podcast has been recorded or engineered.

Frank Tangherlini ’22 | Producer Emeritus, Co-founder

Frank is a student at Reed College and grew up in Washington DC. She is a sociology major, Aquarius-Sun, and was a producer/host/engineer and co-founder for Burn Your Draft. Frank served as the first Paskin Podcast Producer and will return in a future episode.