Reed and the Senior Thesis

Reed College

Reed College is a coeducational, independent liberal arts and sciences college. Referred to as one of the most intellectual colleges in the country, Reed is known for its high standards of scholarly practice, creative thinking, and engaged citizenship.

Senior Thesis

The Reed senior thesis is a year-long project conducted in the senior year with the aid of a thesis adviser who is typically a member of the faculty. Requirements of the thesis differ by major, but they always have a written component and an orals defense at the end. Physical copies of theses are kept in the Thesis Tower in the library, but many are also available in the Reed Electronic Theses Archive (Reed login required).

Thesis Parade and Renn Fayre

Thesis Parade is an event that happens immediately after the deadline for turning in a finished thesis draft to Eliot Hall. It begins in front of the library with champagne, drumming, dancing, and burning early drafts of their theses in a large fire pit, from which Burn Your Draft takes its name. Seniors are then gathered and paraded through the library and Eliot Hall between rows of staff and faculty. In the spring, this is followed by a three day themed party known as Renn Fayre. The party is thrown and organized by students (Renn Fayre Czars) and the campus is closed to the public for the duration. A smaller version of these events happen in the fall for students graduating that semester.