Chemists at the Murdock College Science Research Conference

Last November, about the time when serious rain returned to Portland, 10 Reed scientists, 3 faculty + 7 students, made their way across the Cascades to sunny Spokane, Washington for the Murdock College Science Research Conference.

The Reed crew included chemistry professors Rebecca LaLonde ’01 and Miriam Bowring, as well as biology professor Anna Ritz, and students from different disciplines presenting results from their summer research projects. The students (Reed chemists in bold) and their presentation titles are listed below. Special congratulations to senior Joshua Tsang ’18 (2017 Arthur F. Scott scholar) who won a blue ribbon and a cash prize for his poster presentation in the Analytical / Inorganic / Physical Organic / Computational chemistry category.

  • Joshua Tsang ’18 – “Hydrodefluorination and Hydrogenation of Fluorinated Arenes by Rhodium Catalysts” (off-campus mentor: Kris McNeill ’92, ETH)
  • Brianna Dobson ’19 – “Encapsulation of Reactions in a Tetrahedral Ga Supramolecular Cage” (Reed mentor: Rebecca LaLonde , co-authors: Gayle Chan ’19, Johnathan Sheiman ’18)
  • Ellis Douma ’19 – “Benzophenone Blues: Proton Tunneling and Ketyl Test of Air-Free Methods” (Reed mentor: Miriam Bowring; co-author Zachary S. Mathe ’17)
  • Maileen Nakashima ’19 – “Sulfur/Iodine Flux Synthesis of Indium Antimony Sulfide” (off-campus mentor: Susan Lattumer, Florida State U.; co-author Ryan Groom)
  • Jo Keller ’20 – “Isolation and Quantification of Heck Catalysis Coupling Products” (Reed mentor: Miriam Bowring; co-author Oleksandr Lushchyk ’17)
  • Avehi Singh ’18 (biology) – “The relationship between host mutation and microbiome composition in Daphnia magna” (Reed mentor: Sarah Schaack, co-author: Nicholas Thayer ’20)
  • Nick Egan ’19 (sociology) – “Pepper Pathway: Visualizing Proteins of Influence in Cancer Pathways” (Reed mentor: Anna Ritz)

The Reed contingent would also like to thank the behind-the-scenes work of Dean Nigel Nicholson (who also attended the conference), Kayla Johnston, Jane Woodcock, and Matthew Packwood. Top-notch administrative support is what makes these special events possible.

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