Great Reed Bake-Off Winner: Maryam Ahmad ’19

Not to be outdone by Brits baking their hearts out in a tent-covered meadow, Reed College mounted its first Great Reed Bake-Off this Winter. You can read all about it (and find more photos) here.

Congratulations to all of the participants who proved beyond any doubt that there are alternatives to Commons food! And a special large flour-y pat on the backs of the championship team: Mélange Ethnique. The M.E. team was comprised of three students from the class of 2019, chem major Maryam Ahmad ’19, bio major Edward Zhu ’19, and linguistics major Ally Watson ’19.

Mélange Ethnique (L to R: Ahmad, Zhu, and Watson) pensively await the judges’ decision.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to taste the goods that M.E. baked, but I absolutely love the headgear. I can’t help but think that they were inspired by the sight of a beret-capped organic chem prof who is seen all about campus.

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