2018 Undergraduate Poster Symposium and Career Fair

As our alumni well know, the typical Reed chemistry “undergraduate” spends a lot of time in the research lab. Senior thesis. Summer research. Need I say more?

Ever since his arrival in Portland, Oregon, retired chemistry Prof. David Reingold has been spearheading an annual Undergraduate Poster Symposium and Career Fair under the mantle of the Portland ACS section. The symposium/fair has been held at PSU every year in October, and Reed students have always made a fine showing (see Maileen Nakashima ’19 Explores Sulfur/Iodine Flux Synthesis for a description of the 2017 fair).

The 2018 symposium/fair featured, if anything, more Reed participation than ever and several Reed students also won prizes. Here’s a link to the 2018 Program Book which describes the full event. The Reed presenters are listed below, and several won prizes (link to photos, ** = 1st prize poster, * = 2nd prize poster):

  • Biochemistry
    1. ** Characterization of NiaR: A regulator of NAD biosynthesis, Dorothy Cheng ’19, Maileen Nakashima ’19, Prof. Arthur Glasfeld
    2. * Bioinorganic investigations of chalcogen detoxification proteins, Hayden Adoff ’19, A. Majumdar, Prof. Kelly Chac√≥n
  • Chemical Education
    1. ** Interactive web-book design in R chemical pedagogy, James Vesto ’20, Dr. Danielle Cass, Prof. Natasja Swartz
  • Inorganic Chemistry
    1. Evaluation of air-free glassware using the ketyl test, Lexi Carlson ’20, Prof. Miriam Bowring
    2. ** Assessing catalytic activity of roadside samples, Josephine Keller ’20, Marayam Ahmad ’19, Oleksandr Lushchyk ’17, Hunter N. Wise ’18, Prof. Miriam Bowring
  • Organic Chemistry
    1. * C-H functionalization of saturated cyclic amines, Charis A. Roberts ’19, Jose B. Roque, Prof. Richmond Sarpong (UC Berkeley)
    2. An adventure in phosphate ligand coordination to bismuth(III), Zesean M. Ali ’20, Gabriela M. Bailey ’20, Nicole P. Kretekos ’20, Elena A. McKnight ’20, Claire Milander-Mashlan ’20, Jake L. Stromberg ’20, Prof. Rebecca L. LaLonde
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