Prof. Geraldine Richmond, 2017 Vollum Awardee

The recipient of the 2017 Vollum Award for Distinguished Accomplishment in Science and Technology is University of Oregon chemist, Prof. Geraldine (Geri) Richmond. Prof. Richmond is one of those very special scientists who can work on a broad scale, achieving international recognition as an advocate for women in science (she is the founder and director of COACh, a grassroots organization that has been assisting in the advancement of thousands of women scientists around the globe since 1997) and as a global leader in surface science, in particular, environmentally and technologically important processes that occur at water, semiconductor, and mineral surfaces. (UPDATE: The American Chemical Society has just announced that it is awarding its top honor, the 2018 Priestley Medal, to Prof. Richmond for “her pioneering contributions to our understanding of the molecular properties of liquid surfaces and her extraordinary service to chemistry on a global level.” C&EN, 7 Jun 2017)

Prof. Richmond will be delivering a special lecture, “Empowering Global Scientific Engagement,” on Tuesday, August 22 at 4:30-6:00 pm, Psychology 105.

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Rose Gonoud ’17 Tackles Drug-Resistant Malaria

What is a Reed thesis? Search online and you might come across:

The Reed Thesis

During your final year, you will plunge headlong into an intellectual adventure—the senior thesis. Undertaken with support from a faculty adviser, the senior thesis is your opportunity to explore a problem or answer a question that holds particular significance for you. (read more)

For some seniors, this adventure may be more than ‘intellectual,’ it may also involve coming face-to-face with a life-threatening disease that attacks millions of humans every year: malaria.

This year one member of the Class of 2017, Rose Gonoud, took advantage of a special opportunity to synthesize anti-malarial drugs in the experimental chemotherapy laboratory of Prof. Michael Riscoe at OHSU. You can read more about Rose and how this came to pass at “Chem major battles malaria parasite (Sallyportal blog, 24 Apr 2017).

Rose Gonoud '17

Rose Gonoud ’17

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Take Your Dog to Graduation Day

Q: What follows 9 months of Portland winter?
A: The 2017 Reed graduation ceremony, of course.

Reed’s ceremony took place during a one-day break from the rain and clouds last Monday, May 15. Our graduating class contained very flavor of chemistry: analytical, environmental, biochemical, inorganic, organic, physical, and even theoretical/computational. Congratulations to the Class of 2017!

You can watch the ceremony here. Or you can just admire the coolest-looking dog to ever graduate from the College, and its owner, freshly minted environmental chemist, Annelise Hill ’17.

Annelise Hill '17 (environmental studies-chemistry) and shaggy companion receive diploma from Pres. John Kroger

Annelise Hill ’17 (environmental studies-chemistry) and shaggy companion receive diploma from Pres. John Kroger

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Alumni News from Reed Magazine, June 2016

The Reed Magazine always carries a broad spectrum of articles, and Within Reach, the June 2016 issue, is no exception. There are articles on a diverse set of alumni pursuits (can you say, “emergency planning – gunpowder – prosthetic limbs” three times fast?), class notes, Reediana, and updates on Reed’s academic programs. A particularly exciting development in the latter category is a new academic program in “computer science” that will be formally launched in September (see Reed to Launch Computer Science Program, p.7 and Eliot Circular). The new program features courses in “computer science, computational biology, digital art, and internet culture,” and I confess that I would like nothing better than to see a regular offering in computational chemistry added to this mix. [Alumni, you can help make this happen. Just ask me how. – Alan]

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Jeremy Waen ’06 On a Sustainable Path

Two days ago a group of Reed faculty got together to discuss how we could do more to help our students succeed after graduation. A widely shared concern was the “Graduate School or Bust!” mentality that seems to dominate student thinking. A few hours later I found myself chatting with Jeremy Waen ’06, the chemistry department’s invited seminar speaker. As Jeremy sketched his story for me, and then expanded on it later during his seminar (“From Thinking Small to Acting Big: One Reedie’s Atypical Career Path in an Era of Climate Change and Trumped-Up Politics”), I experienced first-hand the student dilemma that my colleagues had been talking about.

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Alumni News from Reed Magazine, March 2016

The cover article for the March 2016 issue of Reed magazine carries the title, Patterns of Power, which alludes to the relationship between fashion and society. I would also encourage readers to check out What is a Successful College Education? There are, naturally, as many answers to this question as there are days in the lives of our students, but here’s something that has been on my mind: We are living in a world blanketed by information and misinformation. “Facts” are being shot at us from all directions, 24 hours every day, 7 days a week. The traditional roles of experts and reporters as the producers and conduits of “facts” are being challenged more and more, not just by interest groups trying to advance a particular agenda, but also by the ways we, the consumers of information, operate, that is, we increasingly rely on methods for information sharing that bypass the authentication that traditional information channels once afforded. In this “fact-filled” climate, a college education, it seems to me, must not only teach students how to think critically about the quality of the information they will receive, it must also teach them to appreciate the subconscious ways in which facts influence human thought. We are not the rational creatures we believe ourselves to be.
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Alumni News from Reed Magazine, December 2015

Sculpting the City, the December 2015 issue of Reed magazine, is an eclectic affair covering topics as diverse as intellectuals working for the CIA, the Ottoman siege of Vienna in 1683, muckraking journalism, the design of urban spaces (cover story, p. 24), and still more.

Perhaps the most striking essay in all this is a “letter from the editor,” Chris Lydgate ’90, titled Return on Investment. In just eight paragraphs Lydgate describes the life story of one of Reed’s most accomplished graduates and comments on the recent trend to monetize the value of every experience. The graduate in question was the late Ken Koe ’45, whose life spanned Depression-era poverty in Astoria and on Portland’s west side, and the highest level of medicinal chemistry as a co-inventor of the antidepressant Zoloft (see In Memoriam: The Architect of Zoloft below). Koe was able to escape his humble beginnings when Reed awarded him a full scholarship ($250) on the eve of his high school graduation. Koe described his Reed education as an “exhilarating intellectual journey,” but, even with a full scholarship, it was a challenging one: to make Reed’s financial gift stretch as far as possible, Koe arranged his schedule so that he could graduate in just three years, even while commuting across the Willamette each day, and working weekends in a Chinatown restaurant. To be sure, Koe hoped that his Reed degree would lead to a better life, but what that might look like, no one could say. Lydgate offers this comment,“We hear a lot of questions these days about the ‘return on investment’ of a college degree, typically framed in terms of your earning power five or 10 years after graduation. It’s a useful, important discussion. But to my mind, this definition of ‘return’ is far too narrow. The point of getting an education at a place like Reed is not to fatten your wallet but to sharpen your mind and prepare yourself for the intellectual challenges that lie ahead.”

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Alumni News from Reed Magazine, September 2015

The search for alumni news continued in The Art of the Conference in the September issue of the Reed magazine. Conferences have held a time-honored place in chemistry courses for at least 50 years, but the conduct of “conference” has always been malleable, embracing whatever tweaks seemed in the interest of students and subject matter at the time. Over the years, problem-solving, group work, and more, have all found places under the Conference Tent.

My first glimpse of a chemistry alum came with decidedly mixed feelings on p. 1 of the magazine, the Table of Contents. The Table was topped with pictures of the 12 members of the Class of 2015 being profiled in the What Is a Reedie Anyway? feature on p. 26. Smack in the middle, with his trademark tinted hair, off-kilter hat, and ever-present smile was a photo of the late Mark Angeles ’15. Sadly, Mark was taken away from us only a few days after his graduation when a truck struck him and his bicycle in a fatal collision. As I read the profile of Mark on p. 37, I was reminded of the wonderful things that Reedies accomplish during their four years at Reed. Mark’s life was filled with gusto and joy, and he shared his passion for living with an open heart. Mark’s family and friends have established a very fitting memorial: the Angeles Fellowship that will “support a SEEDS student intern, whose work on campus continues Mark’s legacy of volunteerism and commitment to physical engagement as a component of service.”

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Alumni News from Reed Magazine, June 2015

It’s been a long time since I’ve dipped into the Reed magazine for news about Reed chemists so it seems appropriate that the title of the summer 2015 issue was Rediscovering A Master, and the cover featured a photo of one of Reed’s master teachers, Prof. Sarah Wagner-McCoy [English 2011-].

“Reedies Unite to Honor Chemistry Prof” (p. 12), a feature article about the legacy of Prof. Maggie Geselbracht [1993-2014] could, perhaps, be squeezed into the ‘rediscovery’ category, but it would be a tight squeeze because it still feels like Maggie is working away … just a bit further down the hall than I can see. Maggie’s story has been told elsewhere, but it is still remarkable to recall that she was the first woman to earn tenure in the Reed chemistry department. One sign of the deep affection and respect that all of us held for Maggie was the establishment of the Maggie Geselbracht Women in Chemistry Fund. This fund, which was established by Maggie’s husband, Tom Armstrong, underwrites summer research for women chemistry students and provides money for traveling to conferences to present their research. The first honorees were Natalie Keehan ’15 and Eve Mozur ’15, both of whom attended the national ACS meeting in Denver. As of June 2015, the fund had received gifts from 139 donors and raised more than $140,000. Gifts can still be made to the fund at

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Prof. Kelly Chacón “on Tap” with Biochemistry

The Clinton Street Theatre near the Reed campus is currently offering Science on Tap, an evening lecture series that features an inviting beer-and-soft-chair approach to learning science. This past week’s celebrity scientist “on tap” was Reed’s newest biochemistry professor, Kelly Chacón (2015-), who spoke to a large crowd about metals in our bodies, the environment, and superbugs. As Kelly told Channel 2 (KATU), “This was an enormous challenge because what I want to do is not get lost in the weeds. I think a lot of time with scientists it’s really easy to get too bogged down by details, but I also want to be accurate.

Watch the video of Kelly and Science on Tap appearing on yesterday’s KATU 6 o’clock news. It wasn’t all biochemistry and heme proteins. There was beer, audience members having a good time, and even someone taking notes. (Insiders: watch carefully for the cameo appearance of Reed biology prof, Sarah Schaack at 2:02)

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