Election administration and reform materials by and for our attendees:

Election reform in California


Improving California’s Vote-by-Mail Process: A Three-County Study by Kim Alexander

Modernizing California’s Voting Technology: A Look Back, A Look Ahead by Kim Alexander

VoteCal and the Struggle to Modernize California’s Statewide Voter Registration Database by Kim Alexander 

Public Policy Institute of California 

California’s Missing Voters: Who is Not Voting and Why by Eric McGhee

What to Expect from California’s New Motor Voter Law by Eric McGhee and Mindy Romero

Voter turnout in the cities

Who Votes for Mayor by Jason Jurjevich, Phil Keisling, Kevin Rancik, Carson Gorecki, and Stephanie Hawke

Oregon Motor Voter

Who Votes With Automatic Voter Registration?: Impact Analysis of Oregon’s First-in-the-Nation Program  by Rob Griffin, Paul Gronke, Tova Wang, and Liz Kennedy