Dana Bays, Assistant Dean of Students for International Student Services

Bays is currently serving her second year on the Board of Directors of Abby’s Closet, a non-profit organization (started by Bays’ childhood best friend) that provides 2000 free prom gowns each year to high school teenagers, many of whom do not have the financial means to purchase a prom gown. As a board members, Bays is involved as a grant writer, volunteer coordinator, and secretary. Bays explains that for many of these teenagers, owning a beautiful prom dress that fits them can be an enormous confidence boost and an opportunity they never expected to have.

Bays is also a member of the Global Partnership Team at her church and traveled to Kosovo to build relationships and engage with the young artist community in Kosovo. Last summer, Bays also traveled to Namibia through World Teach to train students and teachers in basic computer literacy, HIV/AIDS awareness, and English.When asked about the current state of student activism on campus, Bays responded, “I never cease to be amazed by what students who are involved here do.”

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