Scientific Name: Salix
Genus: Salix
Family: Salicaceae

Deciduous trees and shrubs, willows are fast growing as long as they get plenty of water. Their roots are invasive, and when trees are planted too close to a building or home they do extensive damage to plumbing and foundations. Willows make wonderful shade trees and can often be found growing along streams or lakes. Although there are many species of this genus, it is difficult to differentiate among them.

  • Corkscrew Willow

    Scientific name: Salix matsudana `Tortuosa'

    Corkscrew Willow Corkscrew Willow This deciduous tree grows to 30 feet high with a 20 foot spread. The branches twist upward in a corkscrew pattern, making an interesting silhouette. This species is native to China and Korea and the cultivar was introduced to the United States earlier this century. Portland abounds with Corkscrew willows, much to the delight of flower arrangers and florists.
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