About the project

The Vigla Archaeological Project is a sub-project of the Pyla-Koutsopetria Archaeological Project, an archaeological survey begun in 2003 and which was sponsored by Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Messiah College, and the University of North Dakota. This survey project focused on the coastal region surrounding Pyla, Cyprus. The site of Vigla was discovered in the course of this survey. The current co-directors of the excavations are Tom Landvatter (Reed College) and Brandon Olson (Metropolitan State University of Denver).

Vigla appears to have been a short-lived military fortification site in the early Hellenisitic period. The aim of the Vigla archaeological fieldschool is to provide students an opportunity to gain significant experience in the basics of archaeological fieldwork. Vigla is ideal for this, given its straightforward stratigraphy and limited occupation, providing great conditions for those learning the basics of archaeological methodology.

Sponsored by Reed College and the Metropolitan State University of Denver.