400 ppm CO2 and Reed says, “not our problem”

  • 403 ppm – CO2 level measured at Mauno Loa in April 2015
  • 401 ppm – CO2 level, April 2014.
  • 393 ppm – CO2 level, April 2011, current graduating class finished high school.
  • 356 ppm – CO2 level, April 1989. I began teaching at Reed.
  • 319 ppm – CO2 level, April 1961. Reed turns 50.

CO2 levels are rising faster than ever.

C&E News, the weekly news magazine of the American Chemical Society, says, “The CO2 level was hovering around 280 ppm prior to the Industrial Revolution in the mid-1800s, but the level has been creeping up because of the increased burning of fossil fuels. The data show that half of the 120-ppm increase since 1850 has occurred after 1980 and that the growth rate is increasing and now stands at 2.25 ppm per year.”

Can Reed College really pretend that 1961-era thinking about investments and global responsibility still apply today? Can anyone?

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