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Is your class going online? Are you feeling a little overwhelmed? Hey, that’s ME too! Fortunately, even if it sometimes feels like there’s no time, there is help. I’m going to post the ‘credible’ links I discover to online help pages so that I can easily refer to them. Feel free to click.

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Update, 24 Mar 2020. A gathering place for ideas from Reed faculty: the CTL’s new blog: Remote Teaching: Articles about Moving Online

beyond the bubble …

Update, 11 May 2020. Johns Hopkins Engineering school: Learning Roadmap for New Online Instructors. | my colleague especially recommends: Aaron Johnson, Excellent online teaching: effective strategies for a successful semester online.

Update, 13 Mar 2020. Reed College CIS help & guidance: Remote Teaching

The following links were posted in advance of an online teaching workshop organized by Reed’s CTL. The workshop was held today, 13 Mar 2020.

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