Download new HW & experience the Greek Festival

All kinds of tidbits to share as we enter the first weekend in October:

  • Homework page has been updated with answers to #3 and problems for #4
  • Several folks turned in lab notebooks with their lab reports. Yikes – I wasn’t counting on that. I will try to get those notebooks returned to you during the weekend so that you can prepare them for lab next week. I’ll send emails to specific individuals.
  • The lab manual continues to need updates and I’m trying to catch up with as time allows. For example, I’ve spotted a number of references to last year’s textbook (“Solomons & Fryhle”) that need to be replaced with references to Loudon.
  • Portland Greek Festival starts today and runs through Sunday. If you crave, or just want to try, good cheap Greek food, you can’t go wrong by heading over there for a study break (eating on a budget? skip the “dinner” and buy a gyros or some baklava). It’s an easy trip from campus – just take bus #75 north until you get to the Glisan traffic circle (aka The Joan of Arc Roundabout). Get off at the circle and walk 7 short blocks west to the Greek Orthodox church at the corner of NE 32nd & NE Glisan. If you would like to see the full menu, list of events, and schedule of Greek folk dance performances, follow the link to the official web site.
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