Chem 201 – Olde Reede version

I have retired from the Reed College faculty, effective Sept 1, 2021. This Chem 201 site hosts materials that I created for the classes I taught between Fall 2008-2019. If you are looking for a current version of the Chem 201 materials, this is the wrong place to look. You need to consult the current instructors, Prof. Arthur Glasfeld + Dr. Alicia McGhee for Fall ’21.

I taught organic chemistry at Reed for 32 years (1989-2021) and at Pomona College for 4 years before that. Chem 201 was always a ‘big lift’ for me each year and I know that I demanded an equally big effort, if not more so, from the huge number of students who took the class. It was stressful and demanding for everyone involved. Even so, organic chemistry or ‘o chem’, (or ‘orgo’, if you insist) has been my favorite area of chemistry ever since my sophomore year of college (1972-73) and I have always looked forward to the opportunity to introduce a new crop of students to something that I had devoted so much of myself to. Thank you, students!!! You gave me everything you could and no o chem prof could have ever found a better set of comrades.

I also want to send a big “Thank You” to my colleagues in the Reed chemistry department who supported me in ways large and small, and to my colleagues in the IT/AV departments who supported our web sites and computer+projection systems over the years. I asked for a lot from all of you and you delivered. <3

Finally, I owe a very special “Thank You” to Tony Moreno, Digital Project Manager. This version (and many previous versions) of the Chem 201 and Chem 201-202 web sites would never have existed without Tony’s contributions. Tony, I see your creativity and thoughtfulness everywhere I look. =)

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