Lab schedule Th & next week

Lab continues to meet this week as normally scheduled.

Lab lecture on Thursday night, Nov 19, is cancelled.

The only lab operations scheduled for the following week, M-W, Nov 23-25, are wrapping up the acetylferrocene experiment. If students are unable to finish this experiment this week, they can perform any and all operations — run the reaction, separate the compounds on a column, analyze the results by TLC, measure melting points, or make NMR samples for us — they can do that next week during the scheduled lab periods.

Special request – my lab assistants will be in the lab starting at 1:10 PM. I will let them leave the lab, however, if no students show up by 1:30 PM. So please come on time. If you need to make up lab work, but can’t get to the lab until after 1:30, please send me an email now so that I can pass this info along to my lab assistants. Thanks

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