Some Reading Recommendations

Following up on today’s lunch discussion, it just so happens that I have a small trove of articles to recommend. These come from the May/June 2009 issue of Sierra magazine (publishes by the Sierra Club) and all are available online. I’ll also throw my copy of the magazine in the office so that you can read real paper if you prefer. Naturally, I’m available to discuss these topics.

  • King Coal in Court (p. 39), The Enemy of the Human Race (p. 41), The Dirtiest Fuel (p. 42) – why do enviros freak out when they hear about coal-powered plants for making electricity? Here are some answers.
  • Message in a Bottle (p. 44) – Plastic is a petroleum product so we know where it comes from, but do we know where it goes? If you think about it, all persistent substances, plastic or otherwise, should follow the same route: they migrate until they can’t migrate anymore. But what does that mean for the organisms at the termini of these migrations?
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