Summer reading

It may feel a little early to start thinking about that summer research project, especially since the thesis students are still hanging around the lab, but summer will be here before you know it so let me orient you towards our Fe-TAML work now.

We have a loose collaboration with Prof. Terry Collins and the Institute of Green Science at Carnegie-Mellon University. They make all the big discoveries and we hope to find something that they have overlooked or haven’t had time to check out. It’s an extremely fair arrangement.

One of the really nice things about this arrangement is the exceptional quality of their web site. If you really dive into it, you can find all sorts of things about Fe-TAML and about green chemistry more generally. Please bookmark the Institute’s URL (if you lose track of this enry, I have added a link to the Institute under Links: Off Campus Resources) and explore it when you get a chance. It takes time to read so use it or lose it.

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