Living in Larnaca

Now that we’ve all left Larnaca and are strangely nostalgic about the past four weeks, we thought we’d reminisce about living in Larnaca. This will be our last post for this summer, but we’ll add occasional posts about the project during the year, so check back for updates. Information about next year’s fieldschool will be posted here in the winter. If you’re interested in participating or have any questions about the project, you can always contact Professor Tom Landvatter.

Although you’ll be spending a lot of your time in a blazing hot mudbrick pit sweeping dirt off of dirt, you’ll also have some time to enjoy Larnaca, a touristy beach town.

Here are some of the many activities you can enjoy in your spare time.

Lounging on the beach

A dark sand beach
Finikoudes beach is a short walk from the apartments we usually stay in. Beach chairs and umbrellas are available to rent for 2.50 euros each, and the water is warm and pleasant
A bar on the beach at the end of a boardwalk
Fini’s beach bar at Finikoudes is a surprisingly pleasant place to get a drink

Visiting local attractions

An elevated bust in neo-classical style
Though Kimon died while he was besieging Kition, the ancient settlement where Larnaca is now located, his bust now graces the beachfront
A street lined with brightly lit booths
Booths selling food, toys, and games are set up along the Finikoudes promenade during Kataklysmos, a large local festival celebrated around Orthodox Pentecost
A carousel and other rides
Totally not-sketchy children’s rides are available on the beachfront and have been extensively tested and approved by at least one five year old

Trying the local cuisine

marinated chicken pieces on a skewer sit on a table among other small plates
Chicken souvlaki is a delicious part of meze
A bag with several golf-ball sized pieces of fried dough
Loukoumades, fried dough soaked in honey, available at tavernas year round or at booths near the sea during Kataklysmos
A man eats a sandwich of potato chips, salami, and hot sauce outdoors
Dig participants can look forward to lunch on site, which, if you’re Tom, consists of a slice of salami, potato chips, and hot sauce in a pita
A Pizza Hut with expansive covered outdoor seating
Only best international cuisine is available along the Finikoudes promenade

Enjoying the finest of caffeinated beverages

A can sitting on the dirty ground reads "Mr. Brown Coffee"
Copious amounts of sugary, milky Mr. Brown coffee are consumed every day on site

Purchasing a variety of necessary archaeological equipment

A woman holds a cheap-looking stool with a picture of Taylor Swift on the cushion
The director’s chair
The underside of the stool reads "Property of Dr Tom Landvatter Reed College USA"
Property of Dr Tom Landvatter Reed College USA

Viewing the local wildlife

A very small kitten sits among ancient stone sarcophagi while the mother cat peaks out
Sarcophagus kitties at Terra Ombra!