Spanish Proficiency Exercises

“Spanish Proficiency Exercises is a compilation of brief video clips in which native speakers of Spanish from various locations throughout Latin America and Spain demonstrate various language tasks.” This project is developed by University of Texas at Austin. (link to project) You can access this great resource for free without registering for an account.

The exercises are divided into six levels: Beginning, Intermediate (A and B), Advanced (A and B) and Superior. In each level, there are 12-16 different topics, and under each topic, there are interviews with five native speakers from different regions and one simplified video interview example.



Personally, I like the fact that all interviews are unscripted, and that students have the opportunity to listen to how native speakers naturally speak, with different accents and speed. For each topic, related vocabulary, phrases and grammar are provided. Students can also download the audio files for playback (e.g. iPod).

When playing the video clips on the computer, students can choose to see the transcripts in Spanish or English, or choose not to see the transcript.


This material could be used either in class or as supplemental materials for students to study after class.  Or, you can simply refer students to this material, and they can practice listening based on their own interest.

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