Knowmia has a collection of over 8,000 videos. It is designed mostly for high school teaching and learning, but I do find the Chinese language collection to be beneficial to our students. The reason I recommend the Chinese class collection to our students but not necessarily the French and Spanish collections, is that the lessons in French and Spanish collections tend to cover grammar and vocabulary that professors usually cover in classes. It might be helpful for students who are learning the language on their own, but probably less so if they are already taking the language classes. In the collection of the Chinese lessons, although there are also lessons on the basic vocabulary and grammar, there are also many lessons focused on stories and culture, focusing on food, transportation, family lives and festivals.

All the lessons titled [????] are made by the Central Television in China specifically for Chinese language learning. Each of those contains a story. The videos are made professionally, with both English and Chinese subtitles. Many of the stories reflect part of the Chinese culture, and the instruction is always embedded in the story. In each lesson, there is a non-native speaker and he/she would raise many questions around a topic either about the language or the culture.  A 15-minute lesson is usually divided into three parts by two short tutorials on a certain aspect of language, such as sentence structure and phrases.  These two short tutorials serve as breaks for the learners, in addition to the educational usage.


Students can also choose to view the lessons based on user ratings (up to five stars). There are quite a few lessons that received five stars and they are the more popular clips. Of course, that doesn’t mean the unrated ones are not good.

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