Webcast in Russian: NOVOSTI NEDELI

Webcast in Russian: VOVOSTI NEDELI is a project of the National Capital Language Recourse Center. The NCLRC offers webcasts in three languages: Arabic, Chinese and Russian, among which the Russian webcasts appear to be the most developed ones with exercises associatedwith each webcast.

When you come to the home page, you will find a description of the webcasts. The webcasts is a collection of authentic and up-to-date news.


Choose one of the webcasts on the left, you will see a list of new words provided on the page. To play the webcast, click “???????”


Scroll down to see the exercises. After you enter your answers and click “submit”, a box will appear on the screen to tell you how you did. If you did poorly, it will ask you to go back and listen again.



Students do not have to do the exercises. If they simply wanted some authentic materials to listen to when they have time, this will be a good place for them to go. On the other hand, these webcasts could be used as materials in class. It could either be a “all-students-do-it-together” type of activity, or students could work on it on their own in the language lab and ask their instructor for guidance when needed.

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