Learn Chinese with images

All about Chinese is unique. It is so special that I found myself scrolling through the pages, looking at the pictures and the words as if it had taken me back to my own college days. It has its innocence, simplicity, quietness, romance, cuteness, sweetness, and beauty. If you are also interested in painting and photography, I’m sure you will adore this site as much as I do. Below are some examples. (all images from allaboutchinese.tumblr.com)


Most of the posts are in the format of one image with one sentence. The sentences are usually somewhat philosophical and poetic, with English translations that don’t always yield perfect grammatically correct English sentences, but really keep the authentic feel and rhythms of the Chinese sentence. Here is an example:


Once in a while you will also find some newly released music video, so if you are a music fan, don’t miss these.


You will also find some things more educationally-focused, like this one:


Enjoy your afternoon tea and cookies with All About Chinese.

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