French Grammar Central

French Grammar Central is developed by Robert D. Peckham from University of Tennessee Martin. It is one of the most complete grammar study guides I have ever encountered.

French Grammar Central claims “nearly 580 links,” and “is ample material for course on an advance college level, and would be particularly good for those studying for exit exams, where a thorough knowledge of structure is required.”

This collection could also serve as a grammar dictionary, and a good resource when students need to check grammatical usage. It is organized into thirteen categories:

  • adjectives, articles and determiners
  • adverbs and adverbial notions
  • conjunctions
  • mixed and general
  • morphology
  • nouns
  • prepositions
  • pronouns
  • terminology
  • verbs (individual)
  • verb conjugators
  • verbs in general (15 sub-categories)
  • word order
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