Flora in the Library: Books with Flowers


February 9th through early May, 2012

Flowers surround us and yet are normally seen as merely a decoration or a passing interest beside our path.  Books that contain flower images, however, abound from early treatises on husbandry to artists’ books and include photographic essays, guidebooks, and fancy illustration.  Some interesting examples have been selected from the library’s special collections for this exhibit.

Audio/Video equipment you can check out

The Instructional Media Center, located in L32 of the library, has audio/video equipment you can check out including – laptops (mac and pc), headphones, video projectors, tripod screens, VCR/DVD players, video camcorders, portable audio recorders, computer speakers, an acoustic guitar, and more.  Laptops and headphones check out for the day.  All other equipment checks out for three days.  If you would like to reserve equipment, email Jim Holmes or stop by the IMC.

Historical Oregon Newspapers

The Oregon Digital Newspaper Program (ODNP) is an initiative to
digitize historic Oregon newspaper content and make it freely
available to the public through a keyword-searchable online database.
The initial phase of the program will concentrate on newspapers
published between 1860 and 1922, with a goal of approximately 150,000
pages freely available online in the first two years (2009-2011).

Oregon Newspapers

Trial of VAST – streaming video

VAST is a new interdisciplinary collection of streaming videos from Alexander Street Press including –

.    84 videos in Area Studies Video Online
.    147 videos in Art and Architecture Video Online
.    91 videos in Business and Economics Video Online
.    124 videos in Politics and Current Affairs Video Online
.    225 videos in Ethnic Studies Video Online
.    126 videos in Health and Healthcare in Video
.    173 videos in Humanities Video Online
.    197 videos in Criminal Justice and Law in Video
.    92 videos in World Languages and Literature in Video
.    115 videos in Philosophy and Religious Studies in Video
.    92 videos in Psychology Video Online
.    111 videos in Science Video Online
.    88 videos in Women’s and Gender Studies Video Online

Videos can be linked or embedded on webpages.  Each video has a full transcript and an editor for making clips.  Please send any feedback to Jim Holmes

AV equipment for checkout in the IMC

In addition to headphones, projectors, DVD players, speakers, and screens, you can now check out laptops and camcorders from the IMC.  Laptops check out until the end of the day (midnight Sun-Thur, 6p Fri, 5p Sat) and are for library use only.  Camcorders check out for 3 days.  If you would like to ensure availability of any IMC resource, email Jim Holmes.

IMC Feb. feature – watch local

We’re jumping on the shop/eat/drink/play/stay local bandwagon with this month’s feature – “watch local”. This list of films includes those with local ties to writers, directors, actors and film locales in and around Portland. “Video” in the call# means VHS tape – those old giant tapes that your parents used to watch. And remember you can borrow projectors, screens, VCRs and DVD players if you’d like to host your own local film fest.
Watch Local

IMC Nov. feature – Spanish film

Spanish films – we’ve got a lot of them.  This list is a rather random sampling of some notable ones.  For a complete list by title, click here (includes videos with dubbed Spanish language tracks).  Or if you’d prefer to browse the collection in person, come on down to the IMC and ask the circulation desk worker to let you into the media vault.  Most Spanish films are located under call# PN1995.9.S.  If you don’t see your favorite Spanish movie on the list and want to correct this horrible injustice, send an email to Jim Holmes with the film title and a brief annotation.

Spanish films list

New movies, projectors and more in the IMC!

We’ve added several new titles over the the course of the summer and replaced a number of VHS tapes with DVDs.  Below is a list of titles acquired after May 15.  Want to watch that movie on the big screen in your own backyard?  Projectors, screens and DVD players are now available for checkout in the IMC!  Pick up your movie and portable movie theater in L32 (library building lower level 1).

New movies