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We’re excited to share a new feature in Reed Digital Collections: the ability to search across collections! Want to see all items relating to the traditional game of tug of war between Reed first years and sophomores? You’ll now be able to easily search both the digitized photos from archives and the Quest newspaper collection! Or maybe you need images of a frog for an art project? You can now find them in the Art & Architecture collection, the Canyon Collection, and more, all in one search.

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IMC summer feature – TV time!

Back in the early 80s, the advent of cable tv gave us a lot of channels but not a lot of good programming (although MTV did play music videos). As the creative class slowly filled the void, production costs plummeted with the development of inexpensive digital workstations and cameras. The resulting synchronicity of creativity and processing power produced an explosion of content that moved the concept of television broadcasting into the realm of video narrowcasting. Although the content has been spread over many delivery vehicles, the library chooses to focus on the high-definition, full-fidelity and fully-legal medium of DVD (you can checkout a DVD drive for your laptop from the IMC).  Below is a link to some of our favorites – in no particular order.  Enjoy!

IMC’s best of TV

Add your thesis to the electronic archive


Help build the digital thesis tower! As an alum you’ll be able to access your theses online anytime, anywhere. But you have to upload it first!

  • As soon as you’ve completed your first thesis check and are ready for printing, you can upload your thesis to the archive.
  • Save final version of your thesis as a PDF.
  • Visit the electronic theses website and click on the submission button to start the process.

Participation is voluntary and you have control over who can access your thesis. Consult with your advisor about your interest in submitting to the electronic archive, especially if your thesis contains ongoing research.

Please direct any questions

Photo Credit:A Reed College Library grotesque in laurels. Photo courtesy of Special Collections and Archives, design by Jason Parker.

Mueller Report Now Available

A redacted version of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election was released online to the public April 18th. There are now two print copies available in the Library: one is on the New Book Shelf in the Periodical Reading Room and the other is shelved in the Government Documents Room.

Logo for the Federal Depository Library ProgramReed College Library received the report through the Federal Depository Library Program. Reed has been participating in the program since 1912.

Library Lobby Survey results: How do you refer to these rooms?

We wanted to know what you called a couple of the rooms in the library, and the results are fascinating!

For the Periodical Reading Room (pictured on the bowl on the left), we got 62 total responses, including:
8    “Old pit”
7    “reading room” (includes 1 “reading room (?)”)
3    “New pit”
2    “The pit”
2    “Periodical room”
1    “Old reading room”
1    “reading pit”
1    “reading room or sometimes I just describe its location & description”
1    “periodicals”
1    “periodicals reading room”
1    “reading room/science periodicals room”
1    “the lib lounge w/o computers”
1    “the lib”
1    “that middle section of the library with the art”
1    “the middle room”
1    “center space”
1    “middle place”
1    “central library area”
1    “center reading room”
1    “nucleus”
1    “atrium”
1    “room w/ the big windows”
1    “sun room (lots of sunlight!)”
1    “the big room with the tables and skylights. new pit? old pit?”
1    “big room with the skylights”
1    “main room w/ all the sculptures”
1    “room w/ the cases”
1    “the room b4 the reading room”
1    “main room ‘big one on the left as you walk in'”
1    “the first room when you walk in”
1    “room by the entrance”
1    “glass room”
1    “chair room with high ceilings”
1    “the chairs”
1    “room with the chairs”
1    “reading lounge”
1    “open room with couches”
1    “first floor sofas”
1    “open room”
1    “where old meets new”
1    “reading corners!”
1    “scary reading room”
1    “no name for it”
1    “no set phrase”
1    “honestly have never referred to that area–never go there”

For the Reading Room (pictured on the bowl on the right), we got 67 total responses, including:
13    “New pit” (includes 3 “nüpit”)
9    “Reading Room”
8    “Computer room”
6    “Pit” or “The pit”
1    “Computer pit”
1    “Computer station”
1    “The computer area/no name”
1    “The reading room/The computers”
1    “The lib lounge w/ computers”
1    “That big open room with all the computers”
1    “Place w/ all the computers”
1    “Room w/ computers”
1    “The big computer lab”
1    “The room with the computers”
1    “Not-old computer spot”
1    “computer boi; illuminated faces woodstock”
1    “New pit or ‘the room w/ the computers on the first floor'”
1    “fancy mac room”
1    “computer area in New Library by the stairs”
1    “room with the computers that’s not North Ref. old pit? new pit?”
1    “new pit or computers”
1    “new pit or computer lab”
1    “‘the computer area in the library‘ or ‘where all the computers are'”
1    “the pit/the atrium”
1    “new pit/reading room”
1    “‘open air computer lab’ ‘the one named for Bill Gates but has Macs'”
1    “Gates reading room”
1    “fancy new spot”
1    “the way back”
1    “big room”
1    “loblob”
1    “lobbyish”
1    “heavy study place”
1    “always full”
1    “I never go in here”

And one additional response for both: “I don’t have a name for them!”