IMC Feature – Horror movies!

With the approach of All Hallows’ Eve, consider one of the many fine films in the horror genre to copilot your quasi-satanic celebration.  Remember “video” in the call# means VHS – those scary looking tapes that your parents used to watch.  Never fear – we have VHS players in the IMC (Lib32).  And for your own horror-movie, haunted-house, film-fest, don’t forget to reserve a projector and screen from the IMC.  Trigger warnings include gore, death, decapitation, dismemberment, disembowelment, impalement, defenestration, immolation, annihilation, skinning, scalping, sex and violence.

IMC horror film annotations


Reference Assistant Spotlight: Hayfa

Hayfa clearing a printer jam.

Name: Hayfa
Year: Junior
Major: Political Science

Favorite Library Resource: The New Books shelf (It has all the exciting new literature in all different fields)

Favorite Place to Work in the Library: Basement Group Study Room.

Reason you wanted to be a reference assistant: I enjoy doing research and digging for information and would like to be able to help others through this process. I also worked in the library since my first year at Reed. I learned so much about the resources available and wanted to share that knowledge with others.

Hardest thing about research: Knowing how to narrow down your topic while keeping it intriguing and interesting.

Favorite thing about Reed: The International community.

Cool thing you did this summer:  I visited couple of rivers and waterfalls in Oregon.

Reference Assistant Spotlight: Elaine

Elaine with one of her favorite books.

Name: Elaine
Year: Senior
Major: Environmental Studies – Biology

Favorite Library Resource: Web of Science. Also the Databases page.

Favorite Place to Work in the Library: North Reference tables with the classic green lights.

Reason you wanted to be a reference assistant: I wanted to help people access all of the cool resources that Reed has and fulfill my dreams from freshman year.

Hardest thing about research: Coming up with an inclusive list of search terms.

Favorite thing about Reed: Moss*

Cool thing you did this summer:  I taught myself to tie fancy knots and made fish glow.

*I went through >10 different ideas for my favorite thing about Reed, but moss is part of the reason I decided to apply here and I’m so incredibly grateful to have had the most intense and rewarding experiences of my life at Reed.

Trial of Literary Print Culture: The Stationers’ Company Archive, 1554-2007

We are pleased to offer a trial of The Stationers’ Company Archive, an enlightening resource for understanding the workings of the early book trade, the printing and publishing community, the establishment of legal requirements for copyright provisions and the history of bookbinding. Explore extremely rare documents dating from 1554 to the 21st century in this resource of research material for historians and literary scholars.

Please note that PDF downloads are not available during the trial.

Our trial is available through November 8th. Please send questions and trial feedback to Erin Gallagher, Director of Collection Services.

NEW: Sage Encyclopedia of LGBTQ Studies

In honor of National Coming Out Day (Wednesday, October 11, 2017), we want to highlight a recent acquisition in the Library, the Sage Encyclopedia of LGBTQ Studies. This contemporary three volume, 1396 page, encyclopedia is available online. The encyclopedia explores the lives and experiences of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) individuals, focusing on the contexts and forces that shape their lives through the lenses of psychology, human development and sociology, emphasizing queer, feminist and ecological perspectives on the topic. Includes bibliographical references and index. Check it out today!

Library Hours Fall Break

The Reed College Library hours for fall break are as follows –

Library – open regular hours except closing early 8p, Fri  10/13 & Sat 10/14.

IMC – closed Sat 10/14, Sun 10/15, Sat 10/21.  Open Mon-Fri, noon-5p. Regular hours resume Sun 10/22.

PARC – closed Sat 10/14, Sun 10/15.  Open Mon-Fri, 1-5p. Regular hours resume Sat 10/21.

Reference Assistant Spotlight: Azrah

Azrah helping a patron with Web of Science.

Name: Azrah
Year: Junior
Major: Biology

Favorite Library Resource: Everything in the Pollock Room

Favorite Place to Work in the Library: North reference most of the time and LL1 Southeast Stacks when I could use some A/C.

Reason you wanted to be a reference assistant: I want to smile at people crawling through the door.[FROM THE EDITOR: And help people do research, I think!]

Hardest thing about research: Synthesizing ideas from multiple different sources.

Favorite thing about Reed: Knowing that if I survive 4 years of it, I can do anything.

Cool thing you did this summer:  I oxidized borneol in borneone, which is camphor! It smelled wonderful.

Trial of Oxford Research Encyclopedias

We are pleased to offer a trial of exciting new content on Oxford Research Encyclopedias.

You may already know and love the Oxford Research Encyclopedias (OREs).  They offer overview articles written, peer-reviewed, and edited by leading scholars. The OREs cover both foundational and cutting-edge topics for major areas of research across the humanities, social sciences, and sciences.

Take this opportunity to test drive OREs and to view the articles in these new subject areas:

American History
Latin American History

Our trial is available through October 28th.  If you have any questions, contact Erin Gallagher, Director of Collection Services.

Reference Assistant Spotlight: Aaron

Aaron using the library map to help a student find their way.

Name: Aaron
Year: Senior
Major: English

Favorite Library Resource: Special Collections! Especially the old maps and the artists’ books.

Favorite Place to Work in the Library: When the library is crowded, the purple chairs in the New Pit. When the library is emptier, the tables in Southeast Stacks LL1.

Reason you wanted to be a reference assistant: I was curious about the work librarians do and also wanted to help Reedies!

Hardest thing about research: Being willing to exclude unnecessary information, even when it’s cool and interesting.

Favorite thing about Reed: All the dogs probably.

Cool thing you did this summer: A bunch of my friends and I put on a 1 and a half day music festival in Washington D.C. made up almost entirely of local bands.

October Citation Management Workshops

It’s probably time to start writing your papers. New to using EndNote or Zotero? Need a refresher on how to create a bibliography or cite while you write? We can help. Join us for one of our 30 minute drop-in workshops.

All workshops will be in Library L17.





Introduction to EndNote  Wednesday 10/4/17 2:00-2:30

EndNote & Microsoft Word  Wednesday 10/11/17 2:00-2:30

Introduction to Zotero – Monday 10/2/17 3:00-3:30

Zotero & Microsoft Word – Monday 10/9/17 3:00-3:30

Questions? Ask A Librarian!