Adjust JPEG resolution in Spartan’08 (Windows)

This info has been knocking around my email inbox for a long time (rec’d from Wavefunction help on 9/15/2009), but while Spartan has moved on to Spartan’10 (’12 or ’13 just around the corner), maybe the advice is still useful.

1. (Simplest way to raise resolution) Make your molecule as large as you can (to fit the screen), do a print screen = CTRL + Print Scr key, open Paint (Start > All Programs > Accessories > Paint), paste image, crop image as desired, save it as either: BMP, PNG, JPG. (PNG gives a much smaller file than BMP, but better resolution than JPG)

2. (This doesn’t affect resolution, but …) Spartan window images can be saved directly as PNG files (File: Save As, file type: PNG).

3. (Best resolution from inside Spartan) Switch program to debug/test mode. Hold down CTRL + SHFT when you click on Options: Preferences. A little check box will appear at the top of the Settings Tab called [ ] Test Mode. Checking this puts Spartan in Test mode (opening up some development features not typically available). While not necessarily a good idea to KEEP Spartan in this mode, if you are in test mode you can request a higher resolution surface: Ultra (64x).

This will be a slower calculation, but will provide the best resolution available for calculated surfaces — in case this is what you want an image of.

4. (Odyssey 3.1 ‘trick’) Save file in Odyssey as JPG, with a “+” to the end of the .jpg file. This saves file at much higher resolution. Next generation of Odyssey will ask what resolution you WANT to save at when you save as a JPG file.

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