Reed Student Publications

April 6 – June 1, 2018
Flat cases and wall case by the Reference Desk

In many ways, the types of publications Reed students choose to produce are indicative of much larger social trends at the college and beyond. The newest exhibit from the Archives and Special Collections, “Student Publications at Reed” takes a look at the ways students have used pamphlets, comic books, journals, fliers and more as a media by which to process their world. Take a look through a few, and you might just get a glimpse of Reed of yesteryear…

Quest newspaper digital collection now available

We’re excited to announce our most recent addition to Reed Digital Collections: digitized issues of The Quest newspaper, beginning with the first issue in 1913. The collection is open to current Reed students, faculty, and staff.

Check out a sampler of Quest mastheads below to get you started!


An Identity Crises: Images of Dissent at Reed, 1966-1972

Like any institution, Reed College has always been shaped by the individuals who care about it most. Founded out of Progressive Era ideals, Reed’s early years were fueled by a desire to reject the status quo of other institutions. This Reedie way of life, however, was not always interpreted in the same way. In the 1960s Reed was beginning to undergo an ideological schism between the Old Guard, Reed’s established faculty and administrators, and the Young Turks, the younger, often un-tenured faculty. This exhibit and corresponding website uses items from the college archives to give an overview of Reed’s identity crisis and the global issues which pitted the young thinkers against the status quo.

The exhibit runs from December 8th 2017- February 1st, 2018. Curated by Emily Jane Clark, Social Justice Exhibits and Research Intern.

See the online exhibit here (

Small Gems: Small Books from Reed’s Collection

August 2 – November 1, 2017
Library flat cases

Often good things come in small packages, and the many small books in the library’s special collections testify to the great variety and beauty possible in tiny books. From a facsimile of a 1320’s Book of Hours (at 10cm high) to a foldout artist’s book showing the audio waveforms of ‘noisy words’ (at 43mm tall), these books both inform and entertain.

Thomas Lamb Eliot Papers: new digital collection!

We are pleased to announce a new RDC collection: the Thomas Lamb Eliot Papers!

T.L. Eliot (1841-1936) was an influential Unitarian minister in Portland, worked in education and jail reform, founded the Art Association and the Humane Society, helped develop the public library, worked for temperance and women’s suffrage, and played a large part in the formation and final founding of Reed College in 1911, serving as a Trustee and major advisor until his retirement in 1925. Eliot Hall was named for T.L. Eliot in 1935.

The digital collection contains scanned versions of correspondence and other documents. View a love letter sent to Eliot by his wife, Henrietta, documents issued by the Missouri Militia relating to civil war era service, and note from Eliot’s life insurance company granting him permission to travel to Oregon.

Please note, this release is only the beginning! We have finished scanning the first four boxes out of a total of 119. We will continue to add newly digitized content to this collection in small batches.

All items in this collection were digitized from the holdings of Reed College Special Collections & Archives. We welcome visitors! View the Special Collections & Archives website for hours, contact, and location information.

Reed College Book Collecting Contest



$1000 – top prize
$500 – second prize
$250 — third prize

Reception in April with refreshments for winners and participants!
Exhibition of winners’ books.
Open to all full-time Reed students.
Winner may participate in The National Collegiate Book Collecting Contest.

**DEADLINE**: March 21, 2017, 5pm.

Download the Book Collecting Contest Application

Unleash your bibliophilic passions, write an essay about your favorite books, enter this contest not only for the pleasure of working with your own collection and the serious monetary awards for the three prizes but an opportunity to enter the National Collegiate Book Collecting Contest held annually at the Library of Congress.
Details at:

Co-sponsored by Reed College and the Himes & Duniway Society, a Portland book collecting group.
For on-campus questions contact Gay Walker, Special Collections Librarian, L014, at 7782 or

To Apply

Download the Book Collecting Contest Application

The Application Form on this page or by emailing Gay Walker at Please submit your application by one of the following methods:

  1. Email: Submit your application package to: with the subject line Entry: Book Collecting Contest 2015, or
  2. In Person: Print and fill out the Book Collecting Contest pdf form and bring it with your application package to L014, special collections & archives, Gay Walker.

Reed Archives, Early Writing and Printing, and more available in the new Reed Digital Collections

Join us on our march toward a better digital collections future! Several more collections have migrated to our new system, as of today. Visit the following in the new Reed Digital Collections (RDC) interface:

These collections join our RDC debut collections: the Art & Architecture collection, the library’s collection of Antiquarian Maps, and history professor Doug Fix’s Formosa collection. All remaining collections will be moved during the Fall semester.

What happens with My Workspace galleries?

Don’t worry; your galleries will still be available. Over the course of the Fall semester, galleries will migrate and become visible in the new system. At first, you will only see galleries containing images from collections available in the new interface. If a collection is not yet visible in the new interface, you won’t see that collection’s images in your galleries yet. Galleries will appear as soon as the collection is moved over. If the collection is not yet visible, please continue to use galleries in the old interface at

What is Reed Digital Collections, again?

Reed Digital Collections is where you will find many Reed theses in electronic form, digitized materials like yearbooks, photos, and manuscripts from Special Collections and Archives, images of art and architecture for use in the classroom, and many faculty-curated teaching and research collections. The Library and CIS have been working hard on rebuilding the software from the ground up to make it more functional, more intuitive, and more fun to work with.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Have a great idea for a new collection? Contact or

Realia: Objects from the Archives

August 4 – mid-November 2016.
Flat and Wall Cases

The new exhibit in the library’s flat and wall cases is “Realia: Objects from the Archives”. The Reed College Special Collections contain many objects from the history of the college, its founders, and its activities. These are documented and stored in the library’s many rooms devoted to special collections and archives. They range from the wooden palanquin on which the flaming boar’s head was carried in earlier years to Simeon Reed’s fishing pole. A selection of these items allows us to see a real piece of Reed and to help us imagine the life of the mind in previous decades.

Guerrilla Girls


April 11- May 3, 2016
Flat and Wall Cases

The Guerrilla Girls are a small group of women outraged at the inequality in the art world over how few women are shown, reviewed, selected as playwrights, or accepted but also in the larger world of women’s rights, status, and politics.  The library owns a large collection of their posters from 1985 to the present; these and many others are on display around the campus, with copies mounted all over in guerrilla fashion.

The Book of Kells: Insular Script & Celtic Decoration


March 10 – May 31, 2016
Flat and Wall Cases

The new exhibit focuses on the Book of Kells and its Insular Script, a half-uncial form of handwriting, and Celtic ornamentation. The library’s excellent facsimile of the Book of Kells (1990) is on display along with other research on the manuscript, a note about Celtic decoration, and the connection between Reed and the study of this early hand. The exhibit accompanies the Book of Kells events planned for April 2, 2016, of discussions, demonstrations, and lectures on the Book of Kells and the monastic Irish culture that produced it.