Library Lobby Survey results: “You can borrow laptops & ipads from the library”

We had laptops and ipads on our minds this week, and wondered about you all borrowing them.

  • Total responses: 188 stones, 30 written responses
  • “What!? I didn’t know”: 57 responses
  • “I know! I borrow those”: 43 responses
  • “I know, but I don’t borrow those [tell us why not]”:88 responses, 30 write in responses

Of the 30 write in responses to “I know [about borrowing laptops/ipads], but I don’t borrow those”

  • 17 you had your own
  • 5 related to check-out/rental periods and processes
  • 5 you didn’t need them or need filled elsewhere or with other tools
  • 1 related to programs on the laptop
  • 1 request for a microwave
  • 1 “thank you!” (you’re welcome!)

Laptops and ipads are available for checkout for 24 hour periods from the IMC and from PARC. Give the circulation assistant your Reed id card, and they’ll check it out for you!

Library Lobby Surveys happen (almost) every Tuesday. Stop by to cast your vote and get some candy! We love to hear feedback from you all.