Library Lobby Survey results: “The office of your personal/subject librarian?”

The library can be a maze, and that includes the staff offices. This week, we wondered if the offices of personal and subject librarians are commonly known locations.

  • Total responses: 210
  • “I don’t know where their office is”: 88 responses
  • “I know where their office is”: 23 responses
  • “What’s a subject librarian?” 47 responses
  • “What’s a personal librarian?” 52 responses

What are personal and subject librarians? Each first year and transfer student is matched with a librarian who can help with any questions about the library, finding resources, or research. Find your personal librarian by dorm.

We also have librarians dedicated to each academic department who can help if you need subject-specific assistance, whether that’s for general questions, for one class, for your quals or thesis, or just to chat. Find your librarian by subject.

Think of your personal librarian and your subject librarian as your “go-to” people in the library.

Library Lobby Surveys happen (almost) every Tuesday. Stop by to cast your vote and get some candy! We love to hear feedback from you all.