Library Lobby Survey results: How do you refer to these rooms?

We wanted to know what you called a couple of the rooms in the library, and the results are fascinating!

For the Periodical Reading Room (pictured on the bowl on the left), we got 62 total responses, including:
8    “Old pit”
7    “reading room” (includes 1 “reading room (?)”)
3    “New pit”
2    “The pit”
2    “Periodical room”
1    “Old reading room”
1    “reading pit”
1    “reading room or sometimes I just describe its location & description”
1    “periodicals”
1    “periodicals reading room”
1    “reading room/science periodicals room”
1    “the lib lounge w/o computers”
1    “the lib”
1    “that middle section of the library with the art”
1    “the middle room”
1    “center space”
1    “middle place”
1    “central library area”
1    “center reading room”
1    “nucleus”
1    “atrium”
1    “room w/ the big windows”
1    “sun room (lots of sunlight!)”
1    “the big room with the tables and skylights. new pit? old pit?”
1    “big room with the skylights”
1    “main room w/ all the sculptures”
1    “room w/ the cases”
1    “the room b4 the reading room”
1    “main room ‘big one on the left as you walk in'”
1    “the first room when you walk in”
1    “room by the entrance”
1    “glass room”
1    “chair room with high ceilings”
1    “the chairs”
1    “room with the chairs”
1    “reading lounge”
1    “open room with couches”
1    “first floor sofas”
1    “open room”
1    “where old meets new”
1    “reading corners!”
1    “scary reading room”
1    “no name for it”
1    “no set phrase”
1    “honestly have never referred to that area–never go there”

For the Reading Room (pictured on the bowl on the right), we got 67 total responses, including:
13    “New pit” (includes 3 “nüpit”)
9    “Reading Room”
8    “Computer room”
6    “Pit” or “The pit”
1    “Computer pit”
1    “Computer station”
1    “The computer area/no name”
1    “The reading room/The computers”
1    “The lib lounge w/ computers”
1    “That big open room with all the computers”
1    “Place w/ all the computers”
1    “Room w/ computers”
1    “The big computer lab”
1    “The room with the computers”
1    “Not-old computer spot”
1    “computer boi; illuminated faces woodstock”
1    “New pit or ‘the room w/ the computers on the first floor'”
1    “fancy mac room”
1    “computer area in New Library by the stairs”
1    “room with the computers that’s not North Ref. old pit? new pit?”
1    “new pit or computers”
1    “new pit or computer lab”
1    “‘the computer area in the library‘ or ‘where all the computers are'”
1    “the pit/the atrium”
1    “new pit/reading room”
1    “‘open air computer lab’ ‘the one named for Bill Gates but has Macs'”
1    “Gates reading room”
1    “fancy new spot”
1    “the way back”
1    “big room”
1    “loblob”
1    “lobbyish”
1    “heavy study place”
1    “always full”
1    “I never go in here”

And one additional response for both: “I don’t have a name for them!”