Reed Electronic Theses, Wheeler Physics lecture notes, and more available in the new Reed Digital Collections

We’re in the home stretch! Five more collections have migrated to our new Reed Digital Collections (RDC) interface:

What happens with My Workspace galleries?

Don’t worry; your galleries will still be available. Over the course of the Fall semester, galleries will migrate and become visible in the new system. At first, you will only see galleries containing images from collections available in the new interface. If a collection is not yet visible in the new interface, you won’t see that collection’s images in your galleries yet. Galleries will appear as soon as the collection is moved over. If the collection is not yet visible, please continue to use galleries in the old interface at

What is Reed Digital Collections, again?

Reed Digital Collections is where you will find many Reed theses in electronic form, digitized materials like yearbooks, photos, and manuscripts from Special Collections and Archives, images of art and architecture for use in the classroom, and many faculty-curated teaching and research collections. The Library and CIS have been working hard on rebuilding the software from the ground up to make it more functional, more intuitive, and more fun to work with.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Have a great idea for a new collection? Contact or