Reedfayre ’12: Comrades of the Quest book offer

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"Get the stories before they're gone."

                                  –Gary Snyder '51


Dear Reed Comrade:


A love of stories is what initially drew me, and hundreds of others, to the Reed Oral History Project. College stories of course can be clichés in themselves–the student's coming of age, the stern but nurturing professor, the raucous parties.


But not at Reed. Here, things are different–even when it comes time to parties.


One consistent theme in the stories that Reedies told was of arriving on campus and for the first time in their lives having a sense of coming home–of experiencing the freedom to be themselves, both socially and intellectually, that they had not found anywhere else.


Now, I invite you to come back home to help me celebrate our collective efforts to capture the story of Reed.


After 13 years in the making, with a cast of hundreds, we will be unveiling the book Comrades of the Quest: An Oral History of Reed College at Reunions '12: Reedfayre on June 1, 5 p.m. on the north lawn of Eliot, the site of Reed's very first commencements.


It will be "Comrades Day" all day, with storytelling (featuring our Babson Award winner, Cricket Parmalee '67), a special book-signing reception, and of course, the big unveiling. For a sneak preview of the book, please go to:


Register for Reedfayre by end of day on May 1, and you will be entered into a drawing for a free copy of Comrades of the Quest (five copies will be given away).


Hope to see you in June!


–John Sheehy '82

Reed historian and trustee

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