Why I’m Excited About Reunions 2015

I’ve been to no less than four Reed Reunions, and it’s a special experience year in, year out. But I have to confess; I’m particularly excited about this one.

Of course, there are the old favorites–the beautiful Fireworks, Ping Pong Palace, Carnival, Marketplace, and Stop Making Sense, which never fails to unite Reedies across generations. And of course, there are the llamas.


But there are also a few things that make this year special: for starters, Prexy, the former music building and new home of Alumni Relations, takes on the role of “Reunions Central.” The living room will be open until Midnight Wednesday–Saturday for coffee and conversation, so stop by and check out the newly renovated space.

On the event front, Davis Rogan ’90, legendary New Orleans jazz musician, returns for a three-hour concert on the Saturday of Reunions and a talk on Friday. Friday also features a trio of bands that include rocking Reedies from ’88 all the way to ’15.

Meanwhile, in the academic department, in honor of professors Bob Kaplan and Maryanne McClellan’s retirement, Biology faculty, staff, and alumni have planned a series of events especially for Reed’s Biology Alumni. Alumni College and Reunions Paideia also make a triumphant return for those of you who like to learn.

Reunions Sunday this year also coincides with Portland’s Pride Parade–so we’re keeping the dorms open an extra day so Reedies can stay and march in the Parade. Then, we’re giving all the marchers free pizza. A specially decorated Griffin Float will be there, too. We hope to have an accompanying series of events for LGBT Reedies and are collaborating with the Multicultural Resource Center to make this work–if you have any ideas for an event, please email us at alumni@reed.edu.


Dr. Demento speaks at Reunions 2014.

So register for Reunions 2015–you have nothing to lose but your free dorm room. (If you don’t register by January 31, that is!) This year, you can even get points when your friends register and win prizes, like Dr. Demento’s voice on your home answering machine. Check out the Reed Konnection Silly Kontest (RKSK) to learn more.

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