Showcase your skills at Marketplace 2015

In the days of ancient Greece, you could head down to the market of Athens and purchase papyrus imported from Egypt, salt fish from Scythia, as well as the olive oil, figs, and wine that were ample throughout the city-states.

Reed’s own Marketplace, held from 2 to 4 p.m. on the Saturday of Reunions (June 13) in Reed’s Performing Arts Building, won’t contain any salt fish or papyrus (unless there happen to be Reedies who make those things, in which case they should email Rob at but it will have the finest things Reedies make–everything from liqueur to art to hand-knitted items and cartoons.

For the cost of only $15, you can enter the Marketplace at Reunions, enjoy free samples of food and drink, and browse the wares of Reed’s most talented artisans. Confirmed participants include:

  • uncommons, pork belly and kimchi
  • David Autrey ’89 of Westrey Wine Company, wine
  • Lucy Bellwood ’12, comics
  • Tom Burkleaux ’92 of New Deal Distillery, spirits
  • Kim Damio MALS ’10 of Portland Black Lipstick Company, lipstick
  • Narayan DeVera ’65, ceramics and fine art
  • Anne Marie DiStefano ’92 of Lucky Horseshoe, cocktails made with local spirits
  • Rachel Elizabeth ’88 of Jonny Sport, luggage and accessories
  • Esther Gwinnell ’75, glass artwork.
  • Christine Herman ’02 of Case Study Coffee, cold brew
  • Minott Kerr ’80 of Clear Creek Distillery, spirits
  • Georgia Kirkpatrick ’08 of Silvania, clothing and handmade items
  • Taya Koschnick ’05 of Tasi Designs, jewelry
  • Elise Roberts ’99 of Enlightened Bugs, photo prints of bees and bugs
  • Jehnee Rains ’93 of Suzette, crepes and sweet treats
  • Dawn Seymour ’80 of Fiber Rhythm Craft & Design, yarn

We’re maintaining a running list of participants on the schedule, so check there for the latest updates on participants. And as mentioned before, if you’re interested in participating, or just have questions, email Rob at or call at 503/517-7836.

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