Farewell party for the Language Scholars!

When: Tuesday, April 30, 2024 1:30pm to 3:30pm
Where: Student Union

The International Programs Office and International Student Services are hosting a farewell party for the Language Scholars and other departing international students! Stop by to hang out and say goodbye!

Language and Literature Open House

When: Thursday, April 11, 3-5 pm
Where: Library Lobby

Interested in taking literature and/or language classes at Reed? Come to the Language and Literature Open House to learn about classes happening next year, meet your professors, and ask questions about majoring or minoring in a language offered at Reed, taking literature in translation, or anything else you may be curious about. See you there!

Podcasts en Español

Learning a language can be exceptionally frustrating. Especially when the only times you are hearing this language is in a classroom, three times a week, for 50 minutes. You’ve probably heard your Spanish teacher tell you to listen to music and movies in Spanish since your first class in middle school. While this is good advice, it can be hard to understand music in Spanish such as Reggaeton, cumbia, or Spanish hip hop when you aren’t as familiar with the language. The words blend or maybe there is too much slang to comprehend whatever Bad Bunny or MC Solaar is saying. To that I say do not fret, podcasts are the way to go!

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Interview with a French Tutor

Nina: How long have you been studying French?

K: Since 7th grade!

N: What is your favorite way of practicing?

K: Just talking to other people who speak French. When I went to New York, I heard a lot of people speaking French, and I would just walk up to them and start up a conversation. Really any time I hear someone speaking French I try to speak with them. Any other way of learning just isn’t as fun. It’s necessary of course, but it isn’t as entertaining.

N: Are you ever scared to mess up? Or talk to native speakers?

K: Sometimes, but generally no, because I’m never going to see these people ever again. Also, French people abroad are just excited to speak to someone in French.

N: What is your favorite form of French media?

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Easy Languages: Something for everyone!

Easy Languages is a YouTube channel, a resource, and most importantly a community for language speakers and learners all across the globe. From Swahili to Arabic to Russian to Esperanto and Greek and Spanish, Kazakh, Turkish and many more, the scale of resources available for language learners is immense! They describe themselves as so:

“We are a non-profit project aiming to help people learn languages through authentic street interviews. Our videos show local language and culture in natural, everyday situations – something you can’t find in regular media. Each episode has a specific topic and is produced in one of our many partner countries around the world – Mexico, France, Vietnam, Russia, Egypt, to name but a few. We add subtitles in both the local language and English so that regardless of your level, you will be able to hear, read and “see” the language in its local habitat.”

Easy Languages also cover regional and dialectical differences, and are updating their channels all the time with new languages, locations, and people! Below I have linked only the channels corresponding to languages taught at Reed, but you should check out their website whether the language you’re learning is offered at Reed or not: chances are they’ll have it!

So what do you think? Would you be interested in a Reed College version? Stay tuned…

Beginner Arabic Youtube

Are you beginning to learn Arabic and in need of some fun and easy media to help boost your vocabulary? Look no further… !يالله

  1. All About Me

Tareq and Shireen are learning how to be kind and considerate friends! Tune in if you’re looking to fill your vocabulary with wholesome terms about friendship and sharing.

2. Arabic Fairytales

Arabic retellings of classic fairytales using simple language and helpful subtitles.

3. Totally Spies! Arabic

Subtitled episodes of Totally Spies! dubbed in Arabic! Ideal if you need something more sophisticated than fairytales.

4. Obayd Fox

Obayd Fox is a British Youtuber living in Saudi Arabia. As a fellow Arabic learner (albeit an advanced one), he tends to speak slightly more slowly than a native, and he usually uses الفصه 🙂

5. Learn Arabic with Khasu

Khasu is also an Arabic learner and a very talented teacher. His channel includes roleplays, skits, vocab lessons, and breakdowns of grammatical concepts.

Reedies around the world trivia night!

Thursday, March 28, 7:00-9:00 pm

Interested in studying abroad, languages at Reed, or learning about the world? Come to a trivia night co-sponsored by the Reed Language Lab and the International Programs Office. Come by yourself or bring a team! There will be food and prizes!

Language Lab tabling in commons

Stop by our table on Wednesday, March 27 at the GCC 11:30-2:00 to learn more about what the Language Lab is, what LangLabbies do, and what fun language-themed events are on the agenda this semester!

Language Houses Open House

The Language Houses will be hosting an Open House in the Language Plaza on March 6th from 2:00 – 4:00. With housing applications open, we are excited to have the campus community join us in the Language Plaza for live music (a local Mariachi), snacks and festivities. Interested students will be able to walk through the language houses and ask questions about the program. 

Reed Res Life has information about applying to live in a Language House next year!