Back to the future of blogging

A “weblog” is so 1990s, we know, but The Riffin’ Griffin aspires to be so very now. We’ve created this blog to serve as a home for dynamic news and announcements longer than 140 characters, multimedia offerings, and observations from our staff and colleagues. Blogging is really just another delivery method, not unlike websites, widgets, status updates, and the printed word… sans that pesky ink!

Already we’ve found that Facebook and Twitter are good
tools for generating enthusiasm and participation around Reunions, chapter
events, and all manner of alumni gatherings; however, there are limits to the
length and variety of content that can be posted there. It is our aim to
provide you with content (links, videos, photos) to re-purpose and share via
your own preferred medium.

We realize that the average Reedie is not lacking in news
from the college; you may receive the magazine, ReediEnews, local chapter
announcements, and invitations to Facebook fan pages, Twitter feeds, and
LinkedIn groups. Since it can be overwhelming to consume copious bits of content
through multiple channels and there is an ephemeral quality to the current social communities, this archive
of collected content will remain when Facebook fails, reformats, or simply gets
tiresome. So check back regularly and/or subscribe to RSS-you don’t even have
to “friend” us!

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