Back to School 100

Graduation1915.jpgThis year’s Alumni College during Reunions, June 6-12, 2011, offers flexible and affordable programming for those who wish to enjoy the entire week or simply a specific day. Alumni inspired and alumni led, the programs each celebrate an aspect of the Reed educational experience: letters, arts, sciences, social sciences, and governance.

Whether you are drawn by the main events or tempted by the enticing sideshows, you are sure to enjoy this experience coordinated by Alumni College Dean Jim Kahan ’64. There will be a combination of featured programs, ranging from courses as short as one hour to as long as one day. In honor of the centennial, we are offering all the Alumni College sessions without tuition fees; participation is included in the daily $10 Reunions charge. And these offerings do not require any reading in advance!

Featured seminars:

  • Letters 100: Experiencing Mary Barnard
  • Arts 100: Experiencing Lloyd Reynolds
  • Sciences 100: Experiencing the Canyon
  • Social & Behavioral Sciences 100: Experiencing the World Outside Reed
  • Leadership 100: The Three Tenures (or, Experiencing the World Inside Reed with Bragdon, Koblik, and Diver)

Individual courses:

  • 99 Years of Lamenting the Passing of the Olde Reed 100
  • Canyon 100
  • Dancing Fools 100
  • Doyle Owl 100
  • Ethics 100
  • Gawdawfulers 100
  • Geology 100
  • Greek Theater 100
  • History & the Art of Photography 100
  • Jobs (no, not Steve) 100
  • Making Waves 100
  • Planet Barbecue 100
  • Reed Architecture 100
  • Social Justice 100
  • Truly Radical Behaviorism 100

See more details and the full spectrum of stimulating sessions online, then register today!

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