Reedfayre ’12: a play for peasants

The Reedfayre Play Setting: The year is 2012, and Reed College is concluding its centennial year of celebrations. The noble king Rex is desirous of a memorable finale and an auspicious beginning of a new century for his college kingdom.


Rex: Serve me up an event befitting the end of a glorious centennial year!


Humble (Alumni Relations) servants:  My Lord, here is a mere sampling, a taste of what is planned and what participants can expect at Reunions ’12: Reedfayre, May 30-June 3.

  • Decorate Reed’s first-ever Rose Festival Float–it will make Eleanor’s boat look most puny.
  • Feast on food and drink at Gastronomy Northwest: a showcase of foodie (and drinkie) Reedies. Pass the mead!
  •  Dance, tap, or simply relish the sweet sounds of all the Reed musicians who will share their talents.
  • Don a pair of lace-up boots and twirl around as Kaul Auditorium is magically transformed into a roller-skating palace.
  • Nourish your mind as Reed’s gentry gather and share their intellectual prowess in a multi-faceted Alumni College.
  • Partake in the parade of classes. Represent your class and/or cheer those who have come before or after in an energetic celebration.


And much more is planned, sire. Does his majesty approve? What are your entreaties?


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Rex: A horde, a horde, my kingdom for a horde (of alumni)!


We are pleased to herald online registration for Reunions ’12: Reedfayre. Please be good vassals of Rex and populate the who’s coming list with your honorable name by signing up today

Peasants may procure lodging in the dorms for half price if they register before March 1.

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