The Marketplace at Reedfayre ’14

ReuMarketplace13_honeyIn the days of ancient Greece, you could head down to the market of Athens and purchase papyrus imported from Egypt, salt fish from Scythia, as well as the olive oil, figs, and wine that were ample throughout the city-states. Reed’s own Marketplace (formerly Gastronomy Northwest) will be held from 2 to 4 p.m. on the Saturday of Reunions ’14: Reedfayre. While it won’t contain any salt fish or papyrus (unless there happen to be Reedies who make those things, in which case they should email Rob at!), it will have the finest things Reedies make such as beer, wine, brandy, food, art, clothing, and hand-knitted items.

For the cost of only $15, you can register for the Reunions Marketplace to enjoy samples of food and drink and to browse the wares of Reed’s most talented artisans. (Online registration will be available in early January.)

Check back in the spring for a list of purveyors. If you’re interested in participating or have questions, please send email to Rob Shryock ’13 at or call at 503/517-7836.

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