Free dorm lodging through February 1

anna_mannIt’s showtime! Reunions ’14: Reedfayre will be June 4–8. Join the audience of alumni as the curtain goes up on campus in its finest seasonal form: summer! We’re putting all of the acts together at a fayre for all Reedies, no matter your affinity year.

Online registration is now available, and dorm lodging is free when you sign up before February 1. Register early and spread the word to your friends (and tell them you follow Reed College Reedfayre 2014 on Facebook)!

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5 Responses to Free dorm lodging through February 1

  1. Alex Gersovitz says:

    Can I have one of those enormous rooms in Anna Mann or ODB
    Or one of the new ones in “the grove”

  2. Susan Abe says:

    Is it free “through February 1” or “before February 1”?

    • Robin Tovey '97 says:

      Either, as the offer has been extended through the weekend! Midnight on Feb. 2, if that suits? ; )

  3. Fred Schiff says:

    I haven’t made reservations yet, but I’d like to plan ahead, so that my wife, son and I could stay in the dorm. Thanks, Fred

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