Advanced WordPress Tips

After you have setup your blog’s theme and understand the basics of WordPress, there’s more things you can do. You may want to add maps, timelines, photogalleries, imbed videos, and more.

Additionally, you should consider how a reader may scan your blog for information. On your sidebar, you might have put a listing of blogs you have found useful, your most recent tweets from twitter, a calendar, as well as recent posts and a listing of tags or categories you have been using to organize your blog’s content. You may want to feature recent blog entries or a list of your tags/categories at the top portion of your sidebar, rather than below.  Also, you may want to have short excerpts from your entries to be featured on your homepage, so a reader doesn’t have to view the entire entry to quickly assess what the blog entry is about (which also means your blog entry title and intro paragraph should be well written and engage the reader quickly).

Here’s a few tips: