Changing the default category for your posts

WordPress comes with one category called “Uncategorized.” As your blog develops and you add categories to organize your posts, you may want to change your default category to something other than Uncategorized.

To change the default category to a different category:

  1. Create a new category. From the dashboard, go to Posts/Categories, and enter in a new category. Or, you can create a new category on any post that you are editing.
  2. From the dashboard, go to Settings/Writing, and change the default post category to that new category.
  3. Delete the “uncategorized” category, if desired, by going back, to Posts/Catehgories.

Changing multiple posts to a category

You can change all your posts to a category in the Posts/All Pages area by selecting all the posts’ checkboxes that you want to change, change Bulk Action to Edit, hit the Apply button. Toggle off the Uncategorized category, and select the category you want to tag your posts with.

Deleting the uncategorized category

After doing the above steps (creating a new category and changing it to be your default category), you can go to the Posts/Categories, and delete the uncategorized category. You can also delete previously-created categories in Posts/Categories, provided the category you’re wanting to delete isn’t set as the default category.

Assuming you have added one or more categories already, you can go do Settings/Writing, and change the Default Post Category to something other than Uncategorized. Then, if you want to delete Uncategorized as an option for your categories, go to Posts/Categories from your Dashboard, mouseover the Uncategorized item, and choose delete. Note: you have to change your default category to something else before doing this step, otherwise delete  won’t be an option when you mouseover the category.