Zotero accounts and how to link to them

WordPress has a plugin called Zotpress that can link to your Zotero account. Zotero is a great free online resource that can help, to paraphrase their website, “collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources.” Zotpress links to your Zotero account and allows you to display items from your Zotero library through shortcodes or widgets.

Connecting your Zotero account

To connect your Zotero acount, click on Zotpress in your dashboard, then select Accounts/Add account. In a separate browser window/tab, login to your zotero account, and go to https://www.zotero.org/settings/keys.

If you are adding a user account in WordPress,  go to https://www.zotero.org/settings/keys and get the userID, which should be listed.

If it’s a group account, you can find the ID by going to the feeds url (hover over the rss icon listed at https://www.zotero.org/settings/keys, right-click and copy the url there).

You will also need to create a new private key. Click on that button, and give the key a description, such as “WordPress Zotero Key.” Make sure that “Allow read access” is checked. For groups, make sure the Default Group Permissions or Specific Group Permissions are set to “Read Only” or “Read/Write.”

Click on Validate after you have performed the steps.

Using Zotpress

After you’ve connected your account, you can use Zotpress to display information from your Zotero account through widgets or shortcode. Rather then rewriting the extensive documentation, view the help documentation from your Dashboard/Zotpress/Help section, which provides a wealth of information on how to use Zotpress with WordPress.