Welcome to the 2017-18 lab manual for Chem 201 and 202!

This online manual provides guidance in all matters “laboratory.” You can reach this page reliably two different ways: from the Chem 201 home page (link in upper right) or by bookmarking this page. Try not to google ‘201 lab manual.’ Search engines might take you to a prehistoric version instead.

The lab manual is organized mainly around the pull-down menus at the top of  the page. Example: to see the first experiment, roll your mouse over ‘Experiments’ and select the top experiment (if you really know where you are going inside the lab manual, roll your mouse over the menu item and wait for a second menu to shoot out from the pull-down menu). There are also useful lab resources listed on the right side of the page under ‘Lab Links.’ We will learn about these together.

Two special requests:

  • Read all of the Policies before your first lab (Week #1). Bring questions about policies to this lab. (Reading note: Some students may find it easier to read a single PDF document, either on a screen or as a hard copy. If you prefer this, click here for the PDF version of our lab policies.)
  • In general, read the Overview, Background and Procedure sections of each lab experiment at least one day before you plan to perform the experiment. The first experiment will be performed on week #3 (see Calendar).


  • (2017 schedule) All lab sessions will meet in C209 during the first week of classes beginning Mon, Aug 28. Attend the  lab you are currently registered for. Fire extinguisher training will be held on the loading dock beginning at 1:10 pm. Drop your belongings in C209, then go straight to the loading dock. When you complete the training, return directly to C209.
  • If you have not registered for a lab, come to whichever lab is convenient. All students must attend lab the first week.