Responsibility for Lab Equipment

Each student is assigned a numbered lab cabinet (+ drawers) and is expected to assume responsibility (including some financial responsibility) for the equipment therein. All cabinets contain exactly the same equipment. If your cabinet is missing a required item, go to the Stockroom for a replacement. Never remove equipment from other cabinets unless directed to do so by an instructor.

Special note regarding personal protective gear (goggles, lab coats, gloves): Each cabinet includes personal safety goggles. Goggles, and also lab coats and gloves, are provided to you at no cost. If your goggles don’t fit or work properly, the Stockroom will provide replacements at no cost. Personal protective gear (PPG) must be worn whenever any student in the lab is conducting an experiment. Goggles must also be worn by all lab visitors.

At the end of the lab day, place all of your cabinet items (equipment, personal protective gear, compounds that you need to store for the following week) back inside your cabinet. Do not leave any equipment or protective gear in fume hoods, on bench tops, or on drying racks. Label all containers that are used to store compounds, even those that are stored in your cabinet. Note: Some compounds should not be stored in the cabinet, and should be disposed of or stored in another location instead. Check with your instructor to find out what is appropriate.

Never remove any item from the lab without obtaining your instructor’s approval. Unauthorized removal of any lab item is a potential Honor Principle violation.

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