NMR & IR Tables

NMR and IR data tables are available in all sorts of formats and levels of sophistication. Here are three suggestions with the most useful at the top.

University of Wisconsin (Hans Reich) tables

These are probably the most detailed online tables you can get. Choose the table that lists the type of data (shift vs. coupling constant) for the type of nucleus (1H vs 13C) of interest. Once you reach the U.W. web site, choose the type of structure (alkene, ketone, etc.) that interests you. Look closely at the structures and find the one that provides the closest match with the molecule/group of interest.

1H NMR shifts | 1H J(HH) | 13C NMR shifts | 13C J(CH)

In Print

  • your textbook contains several easy-to-use tables that are adequate for solving textbook problems, but are less useful for typical research problems
  • Reserve Materials for this class include tables that are as extensive as those provided by Hans Reich (see above), if not more so. The downside is that you have to go to the library and page through a book …

This Lab Manual

The following links provide a ‘last resort’ for those who need elementary help in a hurry.