Welcome to the 2022-23 lab manual for Chem 201 and 202!

This manual provides guidance in all matters “laboratory” including what you need to do for the first week of lab beginning Monday, Aug 29.

Finding the lab manual. We don’t know how you found this document, but the easiest way to get here is to either flag this web page in your web browser or use the link in the lab Moodle page (link). Well-intentioned search robots have a habit of taking students to prehistoric, zombie versions of the lab manual so relying on them is strongly discouraged.

Lab manual organization. Key pages in this manual – “Welcome”, “Calendar”, and so on – are listed at the top of every page. Each word is a pull-down menu that leads to other parts of the manual. Use the menu links to get around (note: some menu items produce pop-out menus). Over the course of two semesters you can expect to read every page of the manual.

The Lab Links sidebar contains links to other sites that you will need to use regularly.

Getting started – Week #1. All lab sessions will meet in-person during week 1. Please purchase and bring your lab notebook to the first lab session. All lab sessions will complete fire extinguisher training this week (meet at the Chemistry loading dock at the beginning of  your scheduled lab section). After you complete the training, you will proceed to the organic laboratory (C209) and check-in.

Even if you have not registered for a lab section yet attend at least one of the five scheduled lab sections (T/W/Th/F). Come to whichever lab session is most convenient, but please realize that some sections will have filled up and you may not be able to continue attending that session after the first week.

Within the lab Moodle page, you will find a weekly list of tasks to help you stay organized! Note that many of the tasks are asynchronous and can be done any time. To start, please look at the lab Calendar, familiarize yourself with the lab Policies, and read the Notebooks appendix.

Getting started – Week #2. We will begin our first experiment — Distillation of a Liquid Mixture. Please submit your safety contract and complete the safety quiz by noon, Monday, Sept 5 to participate in lab work. Before you enter the lab, prepare a pre-lab and make sure that you show up to lab with appropriate clothing (closed toe shoes and pants) or you will be asked to leave.