Synthesis and Purification of Diastereomers: Sodium Borohydride Reduction of a Chiral Ketone


Reports are due the week of 4/4/2022 by noon on your lab day.

You must submit your report to the Moodle assignment as a .pdf file (studentnumber_Reduction.pdf). Your report should use 12 pt font and be double spaced. Detailed guidelines have been provided in the Moodle assignment.

Your report should contain the usual Title, Abstract, Results and Discussion, and Experimental sections as well as spectra and your lab notebook pages.

Your partner’s name should be prominently displayed on the front of your report.

Please review the appendix How to write lab reports for a discussion of how much experimental detail to put in the Abstract, Results and Discussion, and Experimental sections. Remember that the Experimental section not only contains your detailed procedure, it also contains all of the measurements you made on your products.

The Discussion should include an interpretation of your data, that is, how you know you have what you think you have, but you should not over interpret your data.

The Abstract and Results and Discussion should each be self-contained. The Abstract should make sense without reference to the rest of the report. The Results and Discussion should work the same way. All parts of the report should make sense to a reader who has no access to, or awareness of, the lab manual.

This means you will need to include some figures or schemes of your own (remember, you may not electronically copy or scan figures from this manual, or copy or scan figures from other students).

Your Discussion should describe how your 1H NMR spectra, together with your modeling data, allow you to assign the stereochemistry of your products. You can also consider whether the modeling data helps you interpret the chromatographic behavior of your stereoisomers.