Week 8

This past week, I created a unified standard for genes. Now regardless of the naming preferences for the genes that various research databases provide, I can now manipulate them as if they were all following the same naming conventions. This resulted in about 10 new genes being added to the gene overlap sets from all the different collections of genes.

This week, I am going to compare all of these genes to that of the GIANT network. That way, we can know where these genes specifically are and what processes they are involved in.

I am also going to be hunting for negatives to compare against for when we build the more complex program. Genes completely uninvolved in Schizophrenia are actually really difficult to find, given that all of the genes I hold in this collection are about 8% of the protein coding genome. I’ll look at computational biology papers associated with mental disorders similar to Schizophrenia, like autism.